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Education and ICT tools for the classroom

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About TecnoloTIC

With a technological and always interactive environment, surrounded by computers, tablets, cell phones and tools with which the so-called "digital natives" live daily, TecnoloTIC was born 11 years ago with the purpose of providing a place for our teachers where they can find information, resources and support strategies to apply technology in the classroom in an innovative and correct way.

The information provided by TecnoloTIC is based on reliable and recognized sources in the educational environment.

On the other hand, as great allies we have social networks which have changed our codes and ways of communicating. Knowing them brings us closer to students, and mastering them allows us to take advantage of various options to work in education.

From TecnoloTIC we provide different aids and collaborate in person and virtually to bring you closer to the social world in the digital age, because our mission is comparTIC!



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meet the staff

Alvaro Monroy Lopez


Knowledge of systems has allowed me to perform and integrate everything related to education in the digital age, generating interdisciplinary projects and automating educational processes with the support of ICT. 
I am a Systems Technologist, Financial Administrator by profession, Specialist in Management of Educational Institutions and Master in Educational Sciences and Cognitive Processes, which has allowed me to delve into topics related to pedagogical trends, educational innovations_cc781905- 5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_and the assertive use of ICT in education. 

Creator of TecnoloTIC

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educational news

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